Local products

Inside our municipal winecellar you will find some specialties produced by small companies that adhere to our municipal association.



Items for sale:



Tajarin Pasta d'Alba   Caffè Rossini  

Olio Desiderio    Specialità alla nocciola

Torta e biscotti con nocciole   Creme di Nocciolec



 Producers members:



Pasta d'Alba pasta d'alba logo  Via Cagna, 5 Diano d'Alba Tel. 0173/612772



Pasta d'Alba was founded in 2006 by Dario and Rosangela who imagined an organic pasta workshop where quality, creativity and innovation could find their highest expression. 

For more information please visit their websites: www.pastadalba.it 





Olio Desiderio Olio Desiderio logo  Via Cortemilia 1/a Ricca di Diano d'Alba Tel. 0039 0173612024


Extravirgin olive oil 100% italian and many other gastronomic specialties, appetizers, grilled pepper, artichokes  .....

For more information please visit their websites: www.oliodesiderio.com 





Az.Agr.Proglio Mario Struzzo Alpino Tonda Gentile Prelibata Via S.Sebastiano,7 Diano d'Alba Tel. 0173/69302


Family-owned company that  proposes old family recipes with a large main ingredient: hazelnut flour that refine directly in their workshop. They have a wide range of gluten-free products and also some products from their ostrich farm.

For  more information please visit their websites: www.tondagentileprelibata.it  www.lostruzzoalpino.it


Caffè Rossini Caffè Rossini Via Alba Cortemilia,137 Ricca di Diano d'Alba


The brand  "Caffè Rossini" is a significant reality known throughout northern Italy and also in some foreign countries. If you want to learn more about the various blends of their coffee visit: www.rossinicaffè.it

Grissinificio Artigianale ZeffirioZeffirio Via GuidoCane,40 Valle Talloria di Diano d'Alba


In this bakery of Valle Talloria it seems that the time has never passed, the breadsticks are exceptional and still made by hand with the passion of a time.