The "Sorì of Diano" - History of our municipal wine cellar


The assignment of giving regard to the local production of “Dolcetto” starts with the first business review

3rd May,1974
The first result appears with the official acknowledgement  D.O.C

27th September, 1986
The map of the areas of Diano d’Alba, in which wine is produced,  is shown on the notice board in order to be titled D.O.C.  It’s the first time for a Common.
Prize Pier Cesare Baretti and engagement, year by year, of famous people whose quality is also being able to share the cordial atmosphere and our will to build and develop

26th May, 1986
The association “i Sorì di Diano” was born. This one wants to increase the knowledge by carefull studies and activities about the production of Wine of Diano and to promote itself in Italy and abroad so as to spread up its notoriety.

6th december, 1999
Thanks to the great Idea of the Mayors Lorenzo Destefanis and Gianfranco Alessandria the Common Diano d’Alba institutes the “Cantina Comunale permanente di Diano d’Alba” sited in 11,Umberto I road , where the new wine shop , called “Cantina comunale dei Sorì”, is opened.

2nd August, 2010
The Dolcetto of Diano d’Alba gains the important acknowledgement of D.O.C.G.

The association “I Sorì di Diano” is still trying to promote the production and the business of the products coming from our wonderful place, and above all the “Diano d’Alba”, which is a great Dolcetto from the blooming  vineyard of this Common.
Many are the initatives we started and we will start using the great power  that our associated winemaker can offer

Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar, located in a charming historical building, offers to its visitors the possibility to make an immersion in the world of Dolcetto, tasting one of the 53 different labels you can find inside.
Not only Dolcetto Wine , but also a selection of wines of the area are waiting for you at the foot of the “Belvedere”